Win Factory Wealth League
Entrepreneurship ~ Investing ~ Real Estate

The WIN Factory is the premier educational, networking and wealth building resources for new and existing wealth builders. We are a group of like-minded new and experienced wealth builders committed to learning and creating wealth through entrepreneurship, real estate and investing. We train ourselves from within AND learn from outside resources through a growing network of industry professionals and newbies, networking events, virtual learning materials and much more... all while having FUN!


New Members Orientation

Uplevel Your Network

Access to Information & Opporunities


Master Classes

Crowd Funding



Weekly MASTERMINDS taught by industry leaders with a proven track record for success. Our Mastermind instructors will not only be from Delaware and regional areas but also national trailblazers when the opportunity arises. This is your open door to learn first hand and ask questions while engaging with individuals who have already achieved the level of success you are striving for.


ALL Masterminds and Trainings will be recorded and accessible in our members’ area portal. Now you won’t have to worry about forgetting information months down the road. You can access past sessions online right when you need the information!


As a community, we will have opportunities to invest together as a group. The WIN Wealth League investment cohort provides an opportunity for you to learn the behind the scenes of the real estate projects. Access to wealth building information and investment opportunities to build your assets and net worth is one of the benefits of the WIN Success League.


As a community, we commit to provide platforms to support the endeavors of the members.  Once a year we will have a Biz Development Showcase allowing members to participate in pitching their business for both sales AND investors.  Using the process of Crowd Funding, members can raise launch capital, presales and more. We also provide training on how to crowdfund, do a product launch and other strategies prior to the crowdfunding showcase.


Outside of our Mastermind trainings, we will have GROUP EVENTS. It is a proven fact, people do business with those that they know, trust, like AND have fun with! Hence, most deals are done on the golf course. We as the WIN Factory Wealth League Family we do the following:

  • Saturday workshops and/or outings – 2 per month
  • Tour investment opportunities
  • Tour of local companies to hear from founders and leadership
  • One Fun Day per month


YOU ARE ONLY AS SUCCESSFUL AS THE TOP 5 PEOPLE IN YOUR CIRCLE~ Leveling up in life and business requires you to meet new people and establish relationships with like-minded people and those that are already where you are trying to be. We provide opportunity and community for you foster the relationships you need to achieve your goals. We even teach you the proper strategies to do so ahead of time (New Members Class).


FIND SERVICES YOU NEED RIGHT WHEN YOU NEED THEM~ We have a vast of services provided by our members. Using our directory to make connections and link with those that are dedicated to achieving success is a valuable component to your growth.


FOR NEW MEMBERS: The first step is to get you equipped with the basics of doing business, investing in real estate or any of your other plans, here in the City of Wilmington. In this 2 hour training, you will learn all of the important opportunities, organizations, and businesses that will strengthen your opportunity for success in the City of Wilmington. Included, in the training is a resource guide with contact information.  We teach you the soups to nuts for Success in Wilmington to give you a strong foundation as a catalyst to your success! The things you wish you knew…. are now at your fingertips! WELCOME!